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Process, Planning, Project

What to expect


We want to give your project all of the careful attention it deserves. That said, there are many detailed steps we follow from the time you first contact us to the start of your project. We know it can feel overwhelming, and we want to take as much of that load off of you as possible! Your first step is contacting our office to set up a in person consult. 

Time line


Here is a quick glance at our timeline from beginning to end. A lot of details fall into each of these sections but we hope this gives you a overview of what to expect with our Design/Build timeline.  

Planning, Sourcing and Design

  1. After the initial meeting with you, our team will continue planning, organizing, and scheduling. This phase is very important, and we do everything in our power throughout our process to enable the project to go as smoothly as possible and stay on target with your budget. 
  • During this phase, we will put together orders for materials and any other allowances necessary and build out the schedule based on anticipated lead times, barring unforeseen obstacles.
  •  All selections and design decisions should be made during this phase. This will help us to avoid scheduling delays and streamline our team’s tasks to work as efficiently as possible for you.



The project begins! Here is what you can expect from us along the way:

You will have clear communication about timelines , updates on progress and overviews of plans and schedules. Our onsite teams show up promptly and do not go "missing" for several days at a time. Our office will always keep you informed of any schedule changes do to weather, changes in scope of design or illness. 

You are on your way to Loving where you live!