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What Makes An Ideal Renovation Contractor- Client Relationship

November 16, 2022
This primary bathroom was on the 2nd level and had plenty of floor space to work with which brought us to doing our first ever Morning/Coffee bar in a bathroom. Why travel all the way down stairs for

The ideal contractor/client relationship is not unlike any other relationship: it requires compatibility, communication, and the ability to adapt to what the circumstances demand in the moment. Of course, also like any other relationship, there are good matches and there are bad ones, but there are a few things both sides can do to increase the odds of a successful match.

The ideal client can vary from project to project (and contractor to contractor), but there are a few common themes. At Callaway, our dream client:

-Has an idea of what they want. The degree of detail may have wide range, but a great client has a goal/vision/expectation for their new space that they can communicate. They know what’s important to them and what aspects of the design are more negotiable.…

.......But is open to suggestions. What sets Callaway Home Improvements & Design apart from the competition is our inclusion of design services in our projects. We love when a client is open to a little creativity, whether it’s an unexpected flooring pattern or a statement-making light fixture.

- Can be decisive when necessary. The home renovation process is essentially just a series of decisions after decisions. It’s enough to fatigue almost anyone, but an ideal client knows when it’s time to stop considering endless options and commit to a choice.

-Communicates clearly, directly, and promptly. If an expectation isn’t being met or a problem arises, we want to know quickly so that we can correct course. Dream clients bring these things up in the moment, when we have time and opportunity to rectify the situation

.… While understanding their contractor is also a person with feelings who cannot be responsive 24/7. Your project and your satisfaction with the work we do is of paramount importance, but at the end of the day we’re also a husband and wife with a family we want to be present for, just like you do yours. Our cream of the crop clients understand the balance between prioritizing a prompt response and the reality of being (briefly) unable to respond immediately. We also know that when something goes wrong or concerns arise there can be frustration; however, our best clients keep their complaints calmly and respectfully worded. 

Just like there’s a template for a dream renovation client, there’s also one for the ideal contractor. Home renovations and remodels are a significant investment of resources on the part of the homeowner, and good contractors recognize and honor that throughout the process. A dream contractor also:

-Comes alongside the client during the process. When renovations and remodels are your business, it can be all too easy to lose perspective of the fact that everything is likely a “first” for the client. An ideal contractor recognizes this and shepherds their client through each step, while also providing a larger-scale view of the total project scope. At Callaway, every renovation client receives a welcome packet that answers FAQs, provides a project timeline overview, and explains every step of the process. 

-Respects the budget and the timeline. There’s a longstanding joke about how any home project will take twice the time and twice the money you originally anticipate. While the unexpected does pop up from time to time across projects, at Callaway we work hard to make that the exception, rather than the rule. Project timelines are communicated upfront when contracts are signed, and your budget will guide every step of the design and materials sourcing process. 

-Communicates changes and progress. There are a lot of cooks in the kitchen, so to speak, on any home renovation project. An ideal contractor seeks to head off any confusion at the outset by clearly communicating any changes, as well as project progress—and making sure the client knows the best way to communicate with the team. At Callaway, we pride ourselves on our communication. All clients receive a series of emails throughout the project timeline, detailing what’s coming next and what to expect, as well as any changes or updates. Our online client portal provides an easy, one-stop place for clients to ask questions—and the portal is accessible by the full Callaway team, ensuring the right person can see the request and respond promptly. We are here to make your remodel go as smoothly as possible and weather any storms along the way.