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2024 Home trend forecast: Colonial Chic

January 8, 2024
Inspiration for a transitional living room remodel in Nashville

Colonial chic, the latest trend in interior design, is captivating, with its unique blend of traditional and contemporary elements. Colonial chic will replace Modern Farmhouse this year. Whether you love it or hate it following trends or not, eventually all Styles become outdated, and then come back again after a few decades with a new twist this is exactly what’s happening and Truthfully, those of us in the Nashville area that live in a 1990’s built colonial (raising hand) …we welcome this change! 

Here are a few elements that are Colonial Chic :

Furniture with historical roots .

Warm color palette, with the dominance of Browns Greens and Blues .

Flooring: traditional hardwood with vintage pattern area rugs 

Lighting: updated versions of chandeliers and sconces 

Wallpaper is back! 

Elegant trim on walls, ceilings and Kitchen cabinets 

Bathrooms with furniture style vanities and smaller scale tiles. And the return of color.

It’s a perfect mix of elegance and comfort and can adapt to a range of personal tastes.

What are your thoughts on Colonial Chic? Callaway Homes would love to help guide you to making this style a reality in your own home.

Arabesque tile is a colonial style
Vintage furniture style vanity
Elegant trim and chandelier
Smaller tile and traditional marble
New custom stained white oak floors